Cambodia Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (CPSA)
At the 2015 Grow Asia Forum, the Minister of Commerce and the Secretary of State from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, invited Grow Asia to help launch a Country Partnership on agriculture development, with the aim of increasing production and enabling access to markets. This was done as a part of Grow Asia, which is a multi-stakeholder platform for inclusive and sustainable agricultural development in South East Asia and is convened by the World Economic Forum and the ASEAN Secretariat. With the Ministers’ personal commitment and leadership, Grow Asia embarked on engagement of other stakeholders to gauge their interest in a multi-stakeholder partnership for sustainable agriculture in Cambodia. This resulted in the official launch of the Cambodia Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (CPSA) in May 2016, with a focus on six key crops; cassava, coconut, palm sugar, pepper, rice and vegetables.
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