Case Study: Sustainable Cocoa Production Program (SCPP)

Sebastian Heinz, edited by Grow Asia
Grow Asia

Much of Grow Asia's work revolves around a few key questions: how can actors from different sectors work together on the smallholder productivity challenge? How can governments, businesses and NGOs work together to achieve more than they can working alone? If our objectives are aligned, how should these partnerships be structured to coordinate our efforts?

A range of different partnership models are used in the Grow Asia network to address these questions, but the model used in this case study, the Sustainable Cocoa Production Program (SCPP), is particularly compelling. It presents a leading example of what can be achieved when different sectors work together. Whether you are working in Africa or Asia, on cocoa or rice, the SCPP model provides a useful framework, and some interesting insights into how to build a multi-stakeholder partnership. This study highlights seven key learnings from SCPP that Grow Asia believes are broadly applicable.