Leave No One Behind Taking Action For Transformational Change on Women's Economic Empowerment

Dr. Cynthia L. Drakeman (CEO, DoubleXEconomy LLC), in close collaboration with Marianne Olesen, Research Advisor and Dr. Margo Thomas (Chief of the High-Level Panel Secretariat)
UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel (UNHLP)

Through the working group process following the first report’s publication, Leave No One Behind: A Call to Action for Gender Equality and Women’s Economic Empowerment, the Panel has created a deeper understanding of each driver and identified priority practical actions for taking the agenda forward. 


This second report of the High-Level Panel builds on the first report and focuses on a tighter set of recommendations to accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Agenda: a world where women have their rights recognized and are empowered to be free and equal participants in a robust, inclusive and sustainable global economy. 


The report provides recommended steps to help guide those who are keen to take action, to inspire others to act, and to help to create longer-term momentum for transformational change. Deliberately aimed at a non specialist audience, it can be read either independently or as part of the Panel’s entire suite of publications. 


It identified the 7 primary drivers of women’s economic empowerment which are (1) norm’s and women’s economic empowerment, (2) ensuring legal protections and reforming discriminatory laws and regulations, (3) investing in care, (4) building assets, (5) changing business cultures and practice, (6) improving public sector practices in employment and procurement and (7) strengthening visibility, collective voice and representation. Furthermore, providing top priority recommendations under each of these seven drivers of change and for their broader enabling environment.

Core Issues: