Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) Smallholder Project - Case Study Summary Report


In order to identify barriers to smallholder market access and certification and developing strategies to address them, RSB conducted six case studies about smallholder production operations involving seven feedstocks: cassava in Cambodia, jatropha curcas in Indonesia, palm oil in Malaysia, coconut sap in the Philippines, soya and corn in South Africa, and sugarcane molasses in Thailand. The main learnings from the case studies indicate that RSB smallholder sustainability standard is an important development tool that ensures smallholder sustainable production of biofuels; and that smallholders’ barriers to sustainability certification and access to biofuels market could be overcome through smallholders’ awareness-raising and training, scaling-up and commercialization of smallholder operations and promotion and popularization of sustainable practices in feedstock and biofuel production among others