Save Nature Please: A behaviour change framework for conservation

Kathleen Schwerdtner Máñez, Denise Westerhout & Belinda Miller

To make the fundamentals of behavioural science as accessible as possible for organisations, teams and individuals seeking to drive positive change, WWF has produced a new practical framework, ‘SAVE NATURE PLEASE’, designed to support more effective interventions - from global communications and campaigns to citizen and community engagement. In its essence, the framework proposes a three-step process - each comprising a flexible menu of subsidiary components - for applying behavioural science to the development, delivery, evaluation, and scaling of behaviour change. Each step is set out in detail in the framework along with an explanation, examples, and recommended tools and approaches for completion, all of which are summarised in a ten-point checklist. This publication also include a review of the foundations of behavioural sciences upon which the framework was designed.