Case Study: Corn Working Group in the Philippines, The Journey

Deanna Salpietra. Edited by Grow Asia
Grow Asia

This case study explores the process of operationalizing the Zamboanga del Norte Yellow Corn Project led by ZDMC Grains Inc. (ZGI) under the Corn Working Group from its genesis to project implementation. The project is still in its very early stages with many challenges yet to be addressed. Nevertheless, Grow Asia believes that there are valuable lessons in the group’s journey so far, with many ingredients in place for a successful multi-stakeholder, value-chain project.

This case study is meant as an accompaniment to the Business Model Overview on the Zamboanga del Norte Yellow Corn Project which presents the structure of the Project and the core activities of each partner. Grow Asia documents the Corn Working Group’s journey by adapting the framework developed by the World Economic Forum’s New Vision for Agriculture (NVA) in A Guide to Country-led Action.