Snapshot Briefing: Rapid Market Assessments of Five Agricultural Value Chains in Myanmar

Myanmar Agriculture Network (MAN), AgriProFocus (APF) and ICCO

During COVID-19, many farmers, labourers, SMEs and agri-business companies have been highly affected by the effects of the virus and the restrictions needed to curb the spread. Effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic recovery of the agricultural sector will depend on a strong and more specific understanding of how key value chains are sustained, coordinated and innovated. 

This ‘Snapshot Briefing’ is compiled by Myanmar Agriculture Network (MAN), AgriProfocus (APF) and ICCO Cooperation to highlight some of the important dynamics, challenges and space for interventions occurring in five key value chains in Myanmar - pulses, fruit & vegetables, rice, sesame and corn. It is not meant to be comprehensive but meant to offer entry points for further multi-stakeholder engagement, coordination and tailored actions.

The Myanmar version of the briefing document can be found here.

Core Issues: