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A Guide To Integrating Gender Into Agricultural Value Chains Based on Promoting Gender Equitable Opportunities in Agricultural Value Chains: A Handbook Mar 2010 Deborah Rubin and Cristina Manfre(Cultural... USAID
Access to Finance for Cocoa Farmers in Indonesia Mar 2016 Swisscontact, SECO
Addressing Gender in Agricultural Research for Development in the Face of a Changing Climate: Where are we and where should we be going? 2017 Patricia Kristjanson, Elizabeth Bryan, Quinn... International Journal of Agricultural...
AMAF's approach to Gender Mainstreaming in the Food, Agriculture, and Forestry Sectors 2018 ASEAN Technical Working Group on Agriculture and... ASEAN
Assessment Report on the State of Gender Equality and Climate Change in ASEAN 2022 Jenny Yi-Chen Han, Camille Pross, Rashi Agarwal,... United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the...
Boosting Productivity and Sustainability by Raising Superior Cacao Seedlings in Commercial Farmer-led Nurseries Swisscontact
Building farmers’ resilience to climate change means addressing gender inequalities 2021 Sophia Huyer CGIAR
Buku Saku Perempuan Tani (Worksheet for Women Farmers) May 2022 Edufarmers Foundation (collaboratively written... Grow Asia, Corteva Agriscience, AIP PRISMA
Case Study from World Vision Initiative - MASE Project World Vision Initiative (WVI)
Chapter 6 Building an Inclusive Agriculture: Strengthening Gender Equality in Agricultural Value Chains 2019 Deborah Rubin, Brenda Boonabaana, and Cristina... IFPRI