Chapter 6 Building an Inclusive Agriculture: Strengthening Gender Equality in Agricultural Value Chains

Deborah Rubin, Brenda Boonabaana, and Cristina Manfre

The chapter focuses on gender and value chain studies of crops that have been of significant interest to agricultural development programming, such as high-value fruits, vegetables, and flowers, in addition to livestock (dairying and small ruminants as well as poultry) and fish, as well as recent work on the staple crops (grains, roots, tubers, and bananas) that are a growing component of subnational value chains. It only briefly touches on the value chains of beverage crops (for example, cocoa, coffee, or tea) and does not address the commodity crops of sugarcane, cotton, or palm oil.


The chapter reports on the evidence about the gender dynamics in different types of agricultural value chains, highlighting cases that appear to demonstrate promising intervention practices.