Assessment Report - Mobile Solutions for Coconut Sugar Producers in Bengkulu Province

Mercy Corps
Grow Asia, Unilever

This assessment took place in Bengkulu, Sumatera, Indonesia and focused on coconut sugar producers.This assessment report investigates the current state of the coconut sugar value chain in Bengkulu, along with an analysis of the barriers for mobile technology faced by coconut sugar producers. From survey interviews, Focus Group Discussions and in-depth interviews, the assessment concludes that the main barriers are low connectivity in certain target areas, low technological literacy, and resistance to paying for mobile services. Feedback from producers indicates that they need formal financial services, quality seedlings, technical guidance on coconut tree care, and access to training on effective production to increase productivity and improve quality. Interventions that seek to address these market barriers should be holistic. Better access to information and market prices would be an important step to motivate higher productivity. Other suggestions include strong leadership and self-organization, access to the broader coconut sugar market, a platform for training, capacity building, and accessing financial services.