Pathways to Scale - An Overview

Grow Asia

As Grow Asia approaches the close of its second year of operations, there is an increasing appetite among partners to understand, learn from and highlight these alternative pathways to scaling.  We do not believe that there is a single pathway to scaling.  Rather, we have grouped the field experiences into four pathways that we believe will lead us toward scale. None are mutually exclusive.  Which pathway or approach is appropriate to a specific value chain project – or activity within a project – is highly contextualized. Grow Asia’s goal in presenting this framework is to help partners understand the range of activities and available to them, and for partners to adapt, build on these examples, and create their own pathways to scale.

The four pathways to scale are:

  1. Institutionalizing the multi-stakeholder approach
  2. Business mainstreaming
  3. Project replication
  4. Catalytic financing
Core Issues: