Rapid Market Assessment of Five Agricultural Value Chains in Myanmar (June - August 2021)

Min Thu Aung and Naw Rosy Love
Myanmar Agriculture Network

Myanmar’s agriculture sector is full of potential, but faces many challenges including a lack of infrastructure, investment and market access. There were efforts to bring the potential to its full result, but many of these efforts have been hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the unstable political climate in 2021.

It is in this context that Grow Asia's Country Partnership in Myanmar, the Myanmar Agriculture Network (MAN), decided to produce this Rapid Market Assessment (RMA), exploring identify the challenges facing the rice, beans and pulses, coffee, onion, and tea value chains.  It is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather offers entry points for further multi-stakeholder engagement, coordination and tailored actions.

This is the second Rapid Market Assessment (RMA) that MAN has produced regarding the market situation in Myanmar - the first RMA being the one MAN produced in collaboration with ICCO and AgriProFocus (available both in English and Burmese).

This RMA is also available in Burmese.