Gender Mainstreaming in Agricultural Value Chains in Southeast Asia

Roberta Pinamonti and Jeremy Prepscius (Business for Social Responsibility), edited by Grow Asia
Grow Asia

Women are often invisible in the smallholder farming landscape in Southeast Asia, perceived as being “unproductive” compared to men while also being expected to provide unpaid farm labour and bear the burden of care and reproductive work. As a Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP), Grow Asia’s approach to supporting women’s economic empowerment targets promoting deeper understanding about the value of engaging women in agriculture value chains and gender mainstreaming among our partners. This report was commissioned by Grow Asia to inform our Gender Mainstreaming program regionally by:

  • Mapping existing gender inclusion and women empowerment initiatives within Grow Asia’s network of private sector, government, civil society and non-profit partners in Southeast Asia.
  • Outlining how MSPs like Grow Asia can advance gender equality and women’s empowerment at the Farm Level (i.e., program implementation) and Network Level (i.e., Grow Asia’s governance structures, strategies, and policies).
  • Identifying areas where Grow Asia could support our network of 520+ partners in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in Southeast Asia’s agriculture sector.