Gender Mainstreaming in Global Agricultural Supply Chains Can Accelerate Good Growth: What works and for Whom?

Leisa Perch, Pascale Bonzom, Aline da Silva, Pascal Fabie and partners
UNDP, IFC, Conservation International, WWF, UN Environment, Good Growth Partnership

This Knowledge Product (KP) provides guidance on gender mainstreaming (GM) to stakeholders involved in commodities-related projects, including the Good Growth Partnership (GGP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF)-7 funded Food Systems, Land Use and Restoration (FOLUR) child projects that will start in 2021.


It specifically targets efforts to de-link commodity supply chains from deforestation and related climate change and environmental impacts, address social drivers of sustainability, and understand key gender needs and issues present across commodity supply chains.


It seeks to clearly describe the gender-commodity supply chain nexus, in terms of both pre-existing conditions and opportunities, and to strengthen the case for the added value of using a gender lens in the design and implementation of activities.


Additionally, it reflects on current trends in GM relevant for this sector and opportunities to accelerate action. It also explores critical lessons learnt from various initiatives that strengthen the general practice of GM.


The KP reflects on measurement with a focus on the quality changes needed for gender equality and identifies two tools that can support measuring change and impact. It offers general conclusions and a summary mapping for engendering Commodity Supply Chains (CSCs) and further reading on key tools identified in the KP. Three Annexes further explore some of the tools, principles and new developments in engendering supply chain dimensions.