Gender in value chains: Practical toolkit to integrate a gender perspective in agricultural value chain development

Angelica Senders (Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services), Anna Lentink (Triodos Facet), Mieke Vanderschaeghe, Jacqueline Terrillon(Agri-ProFocus)

This toolkit provides an overview of material available on gender and value chains. It intends to motivate and help practitioners in integrating a gender perspective in agricultural value chain development, by providing practical tools for all stages of the value chain intervention. 


It is the second and adjusted version of an earlier Gender in Value Chain Toolkit published by Agri-ProFocus in September 2012. This version is adjusted based on experiences in using the first toolkit in Agri-ProFocus gender in value chain coaching tracks in Eastern Africa.


The tools are selected from manuals produced by USAID, SNV, GIZ, ILO, CARE and other organizations in the Agri-ProFocus ‘Gender in Value Chains’ network. There are three types of tools:

(1) Tools that support data collection and research to gain insight into gender constraints and opportunities within certain value chains.

(2) Tools guiding the facilitation of participatory processes in order to involve male and female value chain actors in the different stages of the project.

(3) Tools describing an approach, a way of working, combining a variety of interventions.


The toolkit follows the logic of the value chain development project cycle of (1) Context Analysis, (2) Value Chain Selection, (3) Value Chain Analysis, (4) Intervention Strategies and (5) Monitoring & Evaluation